31 1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice

31 1/2 Essentials for Running Your Medical Practice
Dr. John Guiliana DPM, Dr. Hal Ornstein DMP, Mark Terry

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I had the distinct pleasure of reviewing this new text on practice management. It is a great resource for staff members in either a new practice or an established practice. In my more than 40 years of practicing medicine, I have not had a resource as useful as this one. I suggest that every medical practice leader reads this book and put the concepts to use in the practice. Dr. Thomas V. Melillo President Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine Independence, OH

1. Subspecialties & Your Mission Statement: How patient demographics shape your practice
2. Choosing Your Office: How location affects your marketing and your practice s success.
3. The Business Plan: Creating the plan your bank will require and admire. 4. Choosing Your Corporate Structure: C-corp, S-corp, LLC, PC.
5. Developing A Budget: Your first year and every year
6. Hiring Your Staff: How many people should you hire and what skills should they have?
7. Leadership Skills: How to manage your staff and keep headaches to a minimum
8. Marketing Your Practice, Part I: Practical steps to getting the patient in the door.
9. Marketing Your Practice, Part II: Internal and external marketing and tracking your efforts
10. Writing Your Office Manual: Meeting your responsibilities as an employer
11. Office Dynamics: The EFF Words being EFFicient and EFFective with minimum EFFort
12. Motivating Your Staff: Trade perspiration for inspiration to get the most out of your employees
13. The Paperless Office: EMRs, digital equipment and health information technology
14. Remote Access: Working efficiently from home or on the road.
15. E-prescribing: Reaping the rewards of e-prescribing systems
16. Billing: The pros and cons of handling billing in-house or hiring a billing firm
17. Practice Assessments: from finances to client satisfaction why 7 vital assessments count
18. Controlling Overhead: Strategies for evaluating and controlling salaries, benefits and other expenses
19. Ancillary Services: A collaborative care model for offering secondary services
20. In-office Dispensing: Should you become a product retailer?
21. Patient Communication and Compliance: Getting your patients to follow their treatment plan
22. Plugging Revenue Leaks: 5 proven strategies for channeling small leaks back into the revenue stream
23. Time Management: Get off the gerbil wheel with new ways to enhance life within the practice
24. Expansion: what to consider before bringing on an associate or additional associates
25. Non-medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage: How to protect against other costly liabilities
26. Office Design: How successful practices integrate efficiency, storage and decor
27. Dealing with Stress: How to make sure your job doesn t kill you.
28. Effective Patient Scheduling: Tips on managing your caseload.
29. Collections: Tips for dealing with delinquent accounts.
30. Dealing with Difficult Patients: Communication and other tactics for defusing difficult situations
31. Balancing Your Personal and Professional Lives: Enjoying good business and good off hours, too.
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